Compass Program

 Sustainable Leaders


To inspire and cultivate natural, daily, and sustainable leadership among young women. The leadership skills gained through this program will transcend far beyond the field and will serve as having a lifelong impact on these young womenand the communities surrounding them.

Compass Leaders:
The program will be led by Lauren Cornthwaite and Casey McGowan.

Base Camp:
Participants will meet with Compass Leaders once a month for 9 months (Sept-May) for their “Base Camp” experiences and learning. Base Camp will entail learning and experiencing leadership through different models: classroom setting (workshop-style teaching and discussion), experiential learning activities (low ropes course, etc), and guest speakers (leaders in various fields).

Base Camp Times:
U12 Base Camp: 1st Thursday every month, 4:30-5:15pm
U14 Base Camp: 2nd Monday every month, 4:14-5:15pm
U16 Base Camp: 1st Tuesday every month, 8:15-9:15pm
U19 Base Camp: 2nd Tuesday every month, 8:15-9:15pm

Fall 2017 Base Camp Locations:
U12: Sportport International
U14: Sportport International
U16: Aim Office
U19: Aim Office

Compass Curriculum 2017-2018:
Throughout the curriculum, references will be pulled from books such as “The Student Leadership Challenge” book by Jim Kouzes and Barry Pozner and “Tuesday Morning Coaching” by David Cottrell as well as the Compass leaders’ past and current experiences.
Teaching and learning will be age-appropriate.

Participants will have one age-group trip experience per year.

U12 – Camping at the Goodloe’s Farm, Sept. 22-23 (Friday 4:30pm – Saturday 5pm)
U14 – Retreat at Cedars Camps, Sept. 15-17 (Friday 4pm – Sunday 1pm)
U16 – Service Trip, June 5-8
U19 – Boundary Waters, June 11-15

Application Process:
Anyone interested will be required to fill out an application. Applications are due August 15. Please send applications via email to Lauren Cornthwaite at or mail to 10910 Manchester Rd Suite 100, Kirkwood, MO 63122.

Please apply for the appropriate age group.

U12 – born in 2006-2007
U14– born in 2004-2005
U16 – born in 2002-2003
U19 – born in 2001 or earlier

2017 U12 Compass Application

2017 U14 Compass Application

2017 U16 Compass Application

2017 U19 Compass Application

Who Can Apply: 
We welcome anyone who falls in the above age groups, whether you are a field hockey player or not.

In order to fully embrace the program and understand sustainable leadership, all participants are expected to attend each Base Camp and the Expedition.

U12: $120 + $60 for the expedition
U14: $120 + $350 for the expedition
U16: $120 + $1500 for the expedition
U19: $120 + $1500 for the expedition

Payment Link:

For more information regarding the Compass Program please contact Casey McGowan at aimfieldhockey@gmail or (314)394-0880.