Thanksgiving Spirit

On November 5, the three Aim teams that will be attending the Shooting Star Tournament in Virginia came together to grow together and give back.  We participated in a team building program designed by Team Builders Plus called Wheels for the World.  Led by Team Builders Plus facilitators, the Aim girls built bicycles for kids.  First, they had to earn the parts, bit by bit, by accomplishing different team challenges that forced them to think outside of the box, collaborate, and persevere.  They were then given instructions on how to build the bike.  The best surprise came at the end when children from the First Baptist Church of Ferguson entered the gym to receive their very own bike that the Aim teams had built.  The girls did not expect this, and it made the work they did more tangible and rewarding.

These teams will go to a warm-up tournament in Chicago this weekend and then head to Richmond, VA on Thanksgiving Day.

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