From the Parents

 “There are many important people in my daughter’s life, but none so influential as her Aim coaches. They are caring, positive mentors who, through their instruction and team leadership, teach that success in field hockey and in life is the result of disciplined effort and character.  As a mom, I am indebted to the Aim coaches for being wonderful role models of the very lessons they are teaching about teamwork, perseverance, selflessness & resilience. My most sincere thanks to Aim!” -Elizabeth Zurlinden, U19 parent
“Aim has provided our daughters with exceptional coaching, as well as life lessons.  Aim simultaneously builds character and field hockey skills.  The girls have been taught respect and responsibility while experiencing camaraderie and competency.  Our daughters know what it is to be a valued team member and to value their team members.  Aim fosters leadership skills, as well.  After attending the Aim Leadership Retreat, our daughters were inspired to run for Student Council at their middle school.  Happily, they are putting their leadership skills to work for their school and on their Aim team. We are grateful that Aim is giving our daughters confidence, new friends, and the character traits that we value.”
-Dave and Laura Baylis, U14 parents
“With our four children we have been involved with several different clubs, and by far Aim has been the most organized with the best communication and attention to detail.  Aim has provided Katherine with so many different opportunities to not only improve her field hockey skills but also to develop leadership skills, to learn teamwork, to travel, and to establish relationships that I’m sure will last a lifetime.” -Jeff and Linzi Cavanaugh, U19 parents
“Aim has been a solid force in our family.  Our family is very fortunate to have an alumn of the program & a current player. Aim focuses on the entire person which helps to create a dynamic althlete that is aware of not only the game at hand but how life lessons can be learned from a sport my daughters love. The relationships my alumna daughter fostered at Aim are bonds which have carried her right into college.  She looks forward to coming back to give back to Aim.” -Mary McGlynn, U12 parent and aluma parent
“Playing field hockey for Aim has been an incredibly positive experience for our daughter.  She has learned how to be a confident field hockey player, team member and leader.  The Aim coaches have been excellent role models for my daughter both on the field and off, and they have taught her incredible life lessons that she will carry with her as she continues to face new challenges.” -Lisa Suffian, U14 parent
“Aim has not only dramatically increased our daughter’s field hockey skills but the coaches provided an environment where our daughter has grown her confidence level and been exposed to outstanding role models.  Quite simply, Aim has been a difference maker in our daughter’s life.”  -Nat and Stacy Walsh, U16 parent
“Aim provides a fun and supportive atmosphere in which young women can develop self-confidence, poise in the face of adversity, and a love of competition.  Regardless of whether the team wins or loses, Aim coaches genuinely care for their players – they constantly challenge our daughter to use her experiences to grow as a leader, athlete, and teammate.”  -Scott and Ashley Gill, U14 parent

“Aim has easily been the greatest experience for my daughter Grace…not merely as a sports experience but a life experience.  We have been a part of many sports teams, but there is such a difference with the Aim program. Grace feels empowered and supported in ways never thought possible before.  After every team trip, Grace comes off of the bus floating about three feet from the ground… just a stronger and more resilient person than she was before.” -Matt McGuire, U14 parent

“Aim has provided my daughters with excellent field hockey instruction in a positive, nurturing, and character-building environment where the players are challenged, encouraged, respected, and taught to excel in the game.” -Molly Kraeger, U12 parent

From the Athletes

Aim has created an environment that has helped shaped who I am on and off the field. I have learned how to be a good teammate, a responsible athlete and most importantly, I have learned how to cultivate a passion for a beautiful sport that continues to grow every day.” -Bridget Condie, U16

“My time at Aim has been OUTSTANDING so far. They have given me a sense of unity with every player and coach that I couldn’t have had if I had been part of any other club in the world. The coaches are determined to help you be the best player and person that you can be.” -Tara Lottes, U14

“When I started Aim in seventh grade, I was a nervous insecure girl who wasn’t quite sure about anything in my life. Looking back, I realize now that Aim is the sole reason I am who I am today. This club has taught me how to love myself, my teammates, and become the best athlete I can be, through teaching important lessons that I can embody on and off the field.” -Lily Katzman, U16

 “At Aim we are constantly learning new skills and being pushed to improve ourselves mentally and physically which has helped me grow so much as a player.  I have grown so close with the coaches and other athletes because we are all working to improve but having fun at the same time.” -Allie Christopher, U19

“I cannot imagine myself without Aim. They are my second family and I have made some of my best memories with them. I owe so much to the coaches and my teammates for pushing me beyond my limits. All the coaches have such dedication and passion. Aim has helped me become the athlete and teammate I am today.” -Annie Mulford, U16

From the Coaches

“I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to coach for such a great field hockey club over the past 4 years. I absolutely loved every minute of it and already miss it. As I have been interviewing for jobs post-college, I am frequently asked what was the most rewarding experience I had while in college, and my answer every time is Aim. Aim has created my passion for coaching and has continued my involvement in a sport I love after my playing days. Thanks again for such an amazing opportunity and good luck to you all in the future!” -Chelsea Hower