General Questions

Would Aim be a good fit for me (or my daughter)? Aim teaches top-level and age-appropriate field hockey to all of our athletes.  We stay current on the most effective techniques and practices.  We place an emphasis on both the individual and team.  We are very team-oriented in everything we do.  Aim provides a positive environment where discipline, teamwork, leadership, and overcoming adversity are taught and lived.  Aim has coaches who are wonderful role models for these young women.  Aim has many programs for athletes of all ages and all skill levels.  Our U16 and U19 club teams are ranked in the top 10 in the country.  We will let you decide if all of this is something that would be a good fit for you (or your daughter).  We would love to work with you!

Does Aim provide help with the college recruiting process? Absolutely.  We have assisted countless student-athletes with college placement.  This is a a service that comes free to those who are members of our club. Aim Owner and Director Lauren Cornthwaite serves as a consultant for the Aim families and is always in touch with college coaches regarding this process and our athletes.  We also put together highlight videos, send letters of recommendations, and provide our athletes with proper exposure to college coaches.

Do you train goalkeepers? Absolutely!  We have the best goalkeeping coach in town (Julie Janes), and we always make sure that our goalies are given specific attention and instruction.  We train goalies in private lessons, during Sharp Skills, on our club teams, in our leagues, and at our camps and clinics.  They are a critical piece of team’s success and deserve the specialized training that we offer.

What ages do you coach? Ages 3-18.  We have programs for all ages!

How old does my child need to be to start playing? Three years old – we have a program called Little Divots that is designed for 3-7 year olds to learn and play field hockey.

My daughter is brand new to field hockey.  Where should I tell her to begin? We love introducing new players of all ages to this great sport!  We welcome new athletes of any age to our leagues, camps, and Sharp Skills sessions.  Anyone is welcome to try out for our club teams as well, though this is a more select program.   For our youngest athletes (ages 3-7) who are new to the sport, we suggest our Little Divots program.  For athletes ages 8-11 who are new to the sport, we welcome them in our U10 and U12 club program or our leagues.  For athletes ages 12-18 who are new to the sport, we suggest our leagues and Sharp Skills sessions.

Is Aim an acronym?  What does it stand for? Aim is not an acronym so the letters don’t stand for anything specifically.  We think of Aim in terms of aiming high, aiming for your goals, having good aim.

Program Questions

What is the difference between the club program and the leagues?  Our club program is a select program in the U14, U16, and U19 divisions and involves more of a commitment.  We also have U10 and U12 teams, but it is not a tryout format for those divisions.  The leagues are more recreational and are on a first come, first served basis.  We offer strong coaching and teach the game in both programs.

Does Aim offer private lessons? We do!  Our more popular option is Sharp Skills, which is set up as a small group lesson (under 10 athletes; usually 5-7 per group).  If interested in one-on-one lessons, contact us at 314-394-0880.  If interested in Sharp Skills, you can find information on our website.

What are your Sharp Skills sessions? These are small group lessons.  Groups are divided by age/level, and different topics are taught (ex: goal scoring, 1v1s, defense, etc).  Join us for one or a series!

How do I determine what age group my child is in? For the club program, we base your child’s placement on the USA Field Hockey calendar.  The age division is dependent upon the athlete’s age on January 1 of that year. Ex: If the athlete is 16 on January 1, she will be in the U19 age group.  If the athlete is 15 on January 1, she will be in the U16 age group.

How will I know if my daughter’s session is cancelled due to weather? If a session needs to be cancelled due to weather, we will let our families know in all of the following ways two hours prior to the session: send an email to participants, post on our website, post on Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Equipment Questions

Where can I buy a new stick? We get most of our sticks through Savage Field Hockey ( – Mercian sticks.  Aim receives a discount on Mercian equipment for our athletes.  We carry a small selection of sticks at our office.  Local stores also carry sticks: Johnny Mac’s, Dick’s, Stick Stop, Sports Authority.

What equipment does my daughter need for practice? Stick, mouth guard, shin guards, and a water bottle.  (Aim has sticks for our younger athletes who would like to borrow them for a season.)

Tournament Questions

Are parents required to travel to the out-of-town tournaments? No.  We love having parents on all of our trips, but Aim does not require parents to travel.  We travel as a team, whether it is on a bus or on a plane, and our coaches serve as chaperones.  We receive amazing feedback on this type of travel, as it lends itself well to team bonding, community building, and accountability on the athlete’s end.

If your questions have not been answered here, please contact Casey McGowan at or call us at the office at 314-394-0880.