Double Double at U14 NIT

Our top U14 Indoor team will travel to the National Indoor Tournament this weekend.  It is a special team with many new faces excited to compete at this high level.  It will be the first time that some of the girls have ever flown on a plane as we travel to Lancaster, PA.

We are a team of 9 athletes, but what is very special to this particular team is the fact that we have two sets of twins within this small group: Lily and Meg Baylis; Anna and Molly Farrar.  Lily and Meg are both field players.  Anna is our goalie, and Molly plays on the field as well.

It has been so fun to watch them train together.  They have the added bonus of motivating each other both on and off the field.  I know they have been training together at home and watching field hockey games together at home.

Lily and Meg comment: “This is the most exciting sports opportunity we have ever had, and we get to experience it together!  Also, it is fun to be able to be away from home and have this experience but still have a family member with each of us!”

The team is comprised of the following athletes: Lily Baylis, Meg Baylis, Molly Christopher, Anna Farrar, Molly Farrar, Mia Fields, Abby Hodges, Mackenzie Hull, Cat McGlynn.  The team is coached by Lauren Cornthwaite.