Athlete of the Week: Kate Oliver

Athlete of the Week: Kate Oliver

Kate is a standout member of our U12 club team.  She recently returned from the Louisville Memorial Day Tournament where she was a huge impact player in her 4 games.

Started playing field hockey: When she was 9 years old

Years with Aim: 2 years

What Kate has to say about field hockey: “I love field hockey because it gives me a chance to make new friendships while doing something I love. I also love it because it is so much fun!”

Favorite school subject: Math

Dream job: Lawyer or politician

Favorite Aim memory: “When I was with my teammates on the bus to Louisville and we could not stop laughing! It was so much fun!”

Favorite food: Turkey burgers

Random fun fact: She has been going to Nantucket every summer vacation since she was born.

What her coaches say about her: “Kate is the perfect example of a competitive, driven, balanced athlete.  She is absolutely relentless on the field and so determined to achieve her goals athletically.  I have been coaching her for almost 2 years now and I am floored by the progress she has made in her seasons with Aim.  Her on field game smarts paired with her dynamic field hockey skills really make her a threat our there.  Not only is she stellar on the field, she is a joy to be around off the field.  She is loving, funny, smart and shows genuine care for those around her.  I really enjoy coaching Kate and look forward to many more seasons with her!  Keep up the awesome work Kate!” -Julie Janes, U12 Coach