Athlete of the Week: Avery Boswell


Avery is a standout member of the current U10 Club Team.  She just finished up her spring season with her team.  Great job this season Avery!

Involvement with Aim: She just finished her first U10 club season

Started playing field hockey: When she was 8 years old

What Avery has to say about field hockey: “If I hadn’t participated in Aim field hockey, I wouldn’t have met my amazing coaches.  I’m glad I played Aim field hockey!”

Favorite song: You Spin Me Right Round

Favorite book: The Golden Compass

Random Fun Fact: She has a pet bunny named Oreo

Quality that best describes you: Responsible

Favorite food: Pizza

What her coaches say about her: “Avery is a wonderful kid to coach. She always comes to practice with lots of energy and is driven to become a better field hockey player.  Avery is a hard working athlete and always wants to demonstrate and practice the new skills she has learned. I have enjoyed coaching her this season and can’t wait to watch her grow as an athlete and a person!” – Maura Sawicki, U10 Coach