Athlete of the Week: Asiah Allen

Asiah is a standout member of our current U19 club team.  She recently attended the ESPN Disney Showcase in Orlando with her team.  Great job Asiah!

Involvement with Aim: Since the 2012 Indoor Season

Started playing field hockey: When she was 17

What Asiah has to say about field hockey: “This fall I played for my school just to try something new but I ended up loving field hockey and now I can’t get enough of it!”

Quality that best describes you: Driven

Favorite school subject: Human anatomy

Dream job: Athletic trainer for a DII or DIII school

Favorite book: The Kite Runner by Hassan Hosseini

Favorite Aim memory: “The 2013 Disney Showcase in Florida. It was my first Aim trip and I just had a great time playing with my new teammates and playing the sport I love!”

What her coaches say about her: “I will never forget the sheer athleticism I saw from Asiah when she tried out for Aim this past winter.  She had recently discovered the sport of field hockey, and though her stick work was still developing, she blew everyone out of the water with her speed and work ethic.  These attributes continue to bless Asiah and all of her teammates.  She played the indoor season, attended the Disney tournament with us, and is now playing Aim this spring.  The amount of improvement I have seen from Asiah in just a short time is noteworthy.  Asiah’s high school, Pattonville, offered field hockey for the first time this past fall.  So, in her senior year, Asiah decided to try it out.  It certainly has been a natural fit for her.  So natural, in fact, that she has 5 colleges recruiting her to play for their program.  Asiah will be making her college decision in the upcoming weeks.  Asiah is an amazing example of a talented athlete who shows so much courage on the field and remains humble and gracious in all aspects of her life.  It’s wonderful to coach someone who is so grateful for every opportunity.” – Lauren Cornthwaite, U19 Coach