Athlete of the Week: Annika Kline

Athlete of the Week: Annika Kline


Annika is a member of our U14 Club Team!

Started playing field hockey: When she was 11.5 years old

Years with Aim: 1.5 years

What Annika has to say about field hockey:  “I have not been playing as long as all of the other players, but I still feel like it’s my home. Throughout the seasons I have learned so many things, how to be a better athlete, even how to be a better friend.”

Favorite school subjects: Math and science

Favorite book: Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

Favorite song:  Violet, by Wild Party

Favorite food: BLT

Dream job: Medical examiner

What her coaches say about her: “Annika is an ideal athlete to coach. She is extremely coachable, dedicated, and willing to learn at every opportunity. Since Annika started with Aim a few seasons ago, her skills and knowledge of the game have grown rapidly. With every practice session and tournament she attends, this winter especially, I have seen her tenacity and skills develop in great ways! This has been so fun to watch and we absolutely love having her in our club.” -Lynsey Porter, U14 Coach