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Youth Director and Coach Job Description

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At all events, athletes are taught techniques that are being coached at the highest levels.  We bring out the physical strength and mental fortitude needed to be a successful athlete.  As we teach tactics of the game, our athletes are learning to become better decision makers on the field.

At Aim, we cultivate an atmosphere where teaching the sport of field hockey becomes an avenue for teaching life lessons. We are dedicated to each and every athlete that comes through our program.  At each event, we train athletes to overcome limitations, improve leadership, illustrate discipline, value teamwork, and understand commitment through our own demonstration, expectation, and encouragement. By being a part of Aim, it is our hope that you will become a better field hockey player and that you will exude self-confidence, perseverance, and respect for others in all arenas of your life.

Meet our Staff:


Lauren Cornthwaite                                           

IMG_8606               9405185756_80fb5e4c41_o 3

Lauren Cornthwaite, founder and director of Aim Field Hockey, has been coaching field hockey at various levels for over 15 years. From 2001-2004, Lauren served as the Assistant Field Hockey Coach at the University of Pennsylvania and then as the Head Field Hockey Coach at Lindenwood University.  Throughout the years, Lauren has coached at numerous camps and events around the country, including Junior Olympics, Duke University, University of New Hampshire, and William & Mary.

Lauren served as the Regional Coaching Director for the United States Field Hockey Olympic Developmental Program for 3 years.   Lauren has received her USA Field Hockey Level II Accreditation.

A four-year starter at Dartmouth College, Lauren was selected as a Regional All-American, a two-time All-Ivy Team Member, and a team captain during her time there.


What makes you smile?  Being in the mountains.
Favorite activity outside of Aim?  Anything with family!
Favorite TV show?  I rarely turn the TV on, but I love the Voice.
Favorite Food?  I try new recipes all the time.  Not sure about a favorite.
Favorite Animal?  Seal; but for a pet – definitely a dog!

Club Coordinator

Julie Janes



Julie Janes joined the full time staff in May of 2011 after coaching for Aim part time since 2006.  She now serves as our full time Club Coordinator, Goalkeeping Specialist and Coach for our various teams and programs. She has received her USA Field Hockey Level II Coaching Accreditation & is a coach for the USAFH Futures program.  She has coached the Regional Futures Tournament, National Futures Tournament as well as various Division I college camps around the country.  Julie has run a goalkeeping clinic for the NFHCA.  She currently volunteers as a goalkeeping coach for Lindenwood University, and in the past she was a volunteer coach at Saint Louis University.

Julie graduated from St. Louis University in 2006 with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice.  She was a NCAA Division I goalkeeper and team captain.

What makes you smile?  Dogs! Any dogs, especially ones in cars – they crack me up.
Favorite Food?  I’m a big pizza and buffalo wings fan.  I would like to say I’m a pizza and wing connoisseur.
Favorite Movie? Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy
Who do you look up to?  Definitely my parents.  My dad is a retired firefighter and paramedic, and my mom is a school teacher.  I love that they dedicated their lives to being public servants.
What did you want to be when you were little?  A blinker in a car (and I actually believed I could be for a while!)

Tournament Director

Lynsey Porter

IMG_8608     IMG_8640


Lynsey joined the full time staff in June of 2013 and serves as our Tournament Director and Coach for various age levels. She has received her USA Field Hockey Level I Coaching Accreditation.  Porter is a native of Wales and is a recent graduate of Lindenwood University where she completed her Masters of Arts and Teaching (MAT) Physical Education.  Lynsey serves as a volunteer coach at Lindenwood University.


What makes you smile?  Talking to my family and friends on Skype.
Favorite place to go in St. Louis?  Forest Park
Most memorable vacation? Johannesburg, South Africa.  I was a flower girl at my cousin’s wedding. We did get to see them a lot so it was great to get to know them better and celebrate my cousin’s wedding!
Favorite activity outside of Aim? Soccer on Wednesdays nights
What did you want to be when you were little? A vet.